Universal wall charger phone holder

  • $23.95

Suitable for holding most smart phones
Comes with clever wire spool design to enable wrapping long charging cables around the holder and not hanging on the floor 
Non-slip rubber gasket design - prevents your device from falling off while charging  
Colors: white, silver, light pink
Material: ABS, rubber, adhesive
Size: 115 x 70 mm
Holder space width: 12 mm
* Please ensure that your device is not thicker than 12 mm 
* For holding tablets, it is recommended to use 2 bracket holders 
* For better grip and permanent sticking to the wall, please use super glue 
* Make sure wall is clean & dry before sticking the holder on it 
* Take the measurements to ensure straight alighment 
* Make sure the holder is firmly stuck to the wall before using with phone