Universal 5.5 inch water resistant phone pouch

  • $31.95

Protect your mobile phone from water damage and take photos or videos at the beach or pool without worrying about splashes and spills
Size: 20.5 * 11.5 cm (universal fit for most smart phones)
Colors: black, white, pink, blue, mint
Package includes: water resistant pouch and neck strap 

How to use? 
Place your phone inside the bag and seal securely
Use the device as usual with full access to all functions and protection from water 

Before using the product, test it with another item to ensure the bag is in perfect condition (to avoid damage to your phone in case the protection bag has been damaged during shipment)

If the pouch is not used properly or tested before use and fails to protect from being submerged in water, we do not take any responsibility for water damage on the phone