Ultralight nylon hammock

  • $75.95

These colorful hammocks fit perfectly to your backyard. They come with necessary hooks and ropes to hang it up. Each rope is 3 meters long, so it is possible to hang it inbetween long distances.
Comes in a bag for easy storage of all the items.

(1) grey/dark green, grey/orange, red/black, gold/black, light blue/dark blue, light green/dark green 
(2) purple/yellow, purple/black, yellow/blue, purple/grey, yellow/green, brown/purple,
(3) dark green, light blue, purple, olive, dark blue, black
(4) pink/dark blue, light blue/pink, pink/green, blue/green, grey/blue, green
Size: 270 x 140cm
Maximum weight capactiy: 200 kg