Smart drink reminder water bottle

  • $59.95

Reminder sound & light to drink water
Leak proof design
Spray function
Perfect for sports, hiking, office and school - never forget to stay hydrated! 
SOS indicator LED light
Smart water bottle reminds you to drink in 2 hours after set up
Mist spray to refresh yourself 

How to use spray:
1. Open up the sprayer on the bottom to pour water into the sprayer tank.
2. Slide down the switch to spray.
3. Slide up to stop spraying.

How to set up "Reminder-to Drink": 
Long press the power button for 2 seconds until you hear beeping and see the light flash twice in blue color.
Two hours later, you will hear 5 times beeping sound and the bottle will flash blue light for 5 minutes to remind you to drink. If you want to stop this function, press the power button for 2 seconds to turn it off.
Lighting function: press the power button to activate the lighting, press again for the SOS signal. 

Material: plastic
Working voltage: DC 3.7V/18650 Lithium battery
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Charging voltage/current: DC 5V/500mA
Working current: ≤500mA
Rated power: ≤2W
Electrostatic current: ≤100uA
Bottle capacity: 400 ml
Working time: ≤3.5h (Only spraying after full-charge)
Working time: ≤7h (Only lighting after full-charge)
Working time: ≤2.5h (Spraying+Lighting)
Standby time: ≤180 days
Size: 25 * 8 cm