Resistance gyro ball

  • $49.95

Strengthen your wrists and arms with the gyro fitness ball
Perfect for golfers, yogis and other fitness enthusiasts who regularly need to use their wrists 
Using the principle of gyroscope and celestial mechanics, the powerful force generated by the rotation of the centrifugal and inertia laws causes the arm to move in the main motion state. The second generation of automatic start-up section of the use of spring-driven center of the ball rotation, get rid of the traditional start-up rope to start, suitable for beginners and players rely on the start-up rope.
1. computer calibration ball heart balance, high stability and low noise
2. special durable plastic material
3. steel axis 
4. ball shell with advanced silicone rubber non-slip ring 
5. built-in spring to start using the spring center rotation inertia

Colors: green, blue, orange, black
Material: zinc alloy, plastic ABS, plastic PC 
Diameter: 72 mm x Height: 60 mm