Qi wireless car fast charging holder with wireless charging receiver (optional)

  • $35.95

Convenient and easy high speed wireless charging
Works in any position – vertical or horizontal
With convenient air vent clip
High temperature protection
Over charge protection
Convenient and safe to use while driving
Works as mobile phone holder as well
360 degrees’ rotation
One hand operation
Fits most phones with wireless charging function (4.0-6.0 inches)
Input: 9V/1.67A
Output: 9V/1.35A
Charging distance: 2-6 mm
Conversion rate: >70%
Charging frequency: 100-200KHz
Color: black, white
35.95 USD

The item is also available with wireless charging receiver in case your phone does not support wireless charging
Receiver plug type: A, B, C, iPhone
Colors: black, white
39.95 USD