Eyebrow tattoo sticker 2pack

  • $14.95

Easy to use & apply 
Natural appearance  
Various shapes
Choose between black or brown colour to suit you best 
Can be used daily
Affordable and simple method for perfect eyebrows 

JY09, JY10, JY11, JY12, JY13, JY14, JY15, JY16, JY17
ZX001, ZX002, ZX004, ZX005, ZX007, ZX009

ZE-001, ZE-002, ZE-003, ZE-004, ZE-005, ZE-006, ZE-007, ZE-008, ZE-009
E09, E10, E11, E12, E13, E14, E15, E16, E17

How to use? 
NB! Test on your hand before using on the face 
1. Cut out a pair of eyebrows from the sticker
2. Remove the protective film. Use the imprints on the reverse side as a guide to place the tattoo sticker on your eyebrows. 
3. Wet the sticker thoroughly and leave on for 5 seconds
4. Peel the tattoo sticker away from the skin 
Please test on your hand before using on the face