Elegant scarf hair tie

  • $14.95

Material: cotton, polyester
Size: 50 x 50cm
2pack - striped/floral 
2pack - polka dot red/blue 
2pack - yellow/white 
2pack - black/blue 
4pack - striped/floral/polka dot red/blue 
4pack - yellow/white/black/blue 
Colors: red polka dot, blue polka dot, white polka dot, black polka dot, green polka dot, blue with white & red stripes, yellow with stripes, pink/navy/white stripes, yellow pattern, white feathers, black feathers, white parrots, red parrots, navy people, beige with stripes, white with blue flowers, geometrical black/white/navy/red, navy with red&white stripes, colorful horses, astronomy, yellow people, navy triangles