Bluetooth electronic wireless padlock

  • $65.95

The smart Bluetooth padlock can be locked and unlocked wirelessly via the app from your smart phone

If the battery runs empty when the padlock is off, use a new button battery - insert it in the emergency socket and then enter the key password.
Button batteries last up to a year when used regurarly. 
To open the battery container, turn the rear lid of the lock body to open the cover and replace the battery. 
Supports IOS and Android

1. Wake up padlock - indicator will display blue light.
2. When the 6 bit key password is entered, the lock will immediately unlock. If the code is entered incorrectly, indicator will show red light. 
3. When unlocked successfully, indicator will show green light.

APP Download:
1. Search for "BOZZYS", Download APP and install on your smart phone.
2. The lowest version of the device requires Android 4; IOS7.0; Bluetooth 4.0.

Connecting the padlock:
1. Open APP for the first time, set up software graphics to unlock the password.
2. Press the Bluetooth padlock to wake up key.
3. Click the phone to add the Bluetooth lock and complete the addition.
4. Enter the initial password to unlock & confirm.

Unlocking method:
1. Press the wake-up key first.
2. Enter the password and unlock immediately.

Material: stainless steel + zinc alloy + copper
Size: 58 * 36 mm