6-in-1 Electric face massager

  • $27.95

This electric face massager features six different heads you can choose from. Each one of them has special benefits:

  • Face - firms the facial skin and removes signs of fatigue

  • Sinus - relieves pain in the sinus and fights against nasal congestion

  • Joint - relieves arthritis and inflammation of the facet joints. Can be used on knuckles, chin, hands or wrists.

  • Scalp - soothes the head and scalp and helps to relieve headaches

  • Ear - helps to relieve tinnitus and ear pain

  • Wrist - relieves joints and hand pain caused by carpal tunnel sydrome or other inflammations


Material: plastic
Size: 22.5 x 3cm
Colors: pink
Battery type: 2*AAA battery (not included)